Inspire yourself to create beautiful trimmings for both home & fashions.

By stylishly and tastefully adding small areas of ribbon you will produce beautiful, rich embellishments of colour and texture. Ribbons and braids offer such versatility and provide an easy and instant method of co-ordinating colour schemes.

I now have a DVD for sale of the ‘The Magic of Ribbons’ and I also have a few copies of my book of the same title for sale too. If you love colour and texture this DVD will certainly inspire you to start weaving. The various techniques are all clearly explained and beautifully illustrated, from simple weaves to intricate designs, the beautiful settings and the background music make this DVD compelling viewing. Ribbon work is also very therapeutic as it develops fast and looks stunning.

Finally, I have designed a beautiful ‘scatter cushion’ for you to make using the simplest weaving technique, the plain weave, this is very quick and simple to do, so do have fun making it! I hope I have inspired you and I look forward to hearing of your projects.

Happy Weaving.